The Pop Up

Ladies Boutique

What is the Pop Up Shop?


A unique addition to downtown Fort

Pierce, the Pop Up Ladies Boutique offers customers a refreshing and vibrant collection

of shoes, dresses, handbags, purses & more. This selection is set apart from what you would

normally find in the Treasure Coast,

we model our collection after the

New York Cosmo scene, and our main

line features Sapsucker, a European brand

that's on the cutting edge of fresh trends, hot from the source.


Love it?

What if you owned it?


Not just a catchy name, the Pop Up Ladies Boutique was originally set up as a

temporary location. So the unit it

resides in, Unit 203, is available for

rent. On top of that awesome opportunity

is the chance to buy the business as a whole,

all business licenses & the complete inventory. Imagine, owning a business all your own

without all the red tape hassle of forms

and build-out.


Base Rent: $470.00

CAMs: $226.34


Total Cost: $16,000.00

(This price includes First Month's Rent, Last Month's Rent & Security Deposit, all business licensing we currently own, 100% stock/inventory).

100 S. 2nd St. Fort Pierce, FL 34950